PoE Measurement Board

This is my first industrial grade hardware design/PCB. It was a 6 month project I did at work as a prototype for...

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Scratch CMS

Using Ruby on Rails, I joined forces with a friend to create a content management system that anyone can now use to...

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Radiation Mapping

For my embedded systems capstone project, I worked in a 4 person group to create a quadrotor, modifying it to...

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I started taking photos my freshman year of college, and since then I've been taking some decent shots.

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Our class' final project in EE 271 (Digital Logic) was to use digital logic to create something on an FPGA. There was a...

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Pocket Amplifier

The C-Moy pocket amplifier that I built has a special place in my heart. This is what got me into the difficult yet...

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I'm Jack

Welcome to my website! This is the place where I document all my projects, photography, as well as random musings. The visualization on the right (click on the sections, not the text; center zooms out) gives you an idea of what I do with my time. Feel free to check out my site, and ask me if you have any questions.